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Velammal TVIS Racquet Sports Academy

Redefine Excellence in Sports and Education with Velammal TVIS RSA - The Ultimate Learning Destination.

Beginner To Pro Level Training by Professional Coaches
Prepare and assist sports students for significant events & championships.
Digital Classrooms Facilitate CBSE Learning From Grades 5 to 11.
World-Class Sports Facilities with a Residential campus

Join Velammal TVIS Racquet Sports Academy, the best sports academy in Chennai! We offer a unique educational program that integrates sports into our curriculum to provide a comprehensive education. Our experienced coaches provide personalized attention and training using state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge technology. We foster a passion for sports in our students and are committed to helping them achieve their sporting and academic aspirations. Become a part of our community of dedicated athletes and scholars today!

Our Sports Programs

The Ultimate Training Experience: Best Sports Academy in Chennai


TVIS Cricket Academy, the best sports academy in Chennai, offers unparalleled facilities for aspiring cricketers. Our state-of-the-art amenities include video analysis tools for tracking player performance, advanced bowling machines, and six nets with unique surfaces and floodlights. The Kapil Dev Cricket Ground is designed to meet global standards, providing our students with the ultimate training experience. 


Experience professional football coaching at its best at the TVIS Racquet Sports Football Academy, one of the top sports academies in Chennai. Led by experienced and certified coaches, our academy is committed to transforming players into renowned footballers by providing specialised guidance and training that hones their skills and prepares them for success. 

cricketAt TVIS Racquet Sports Tennis Academy, we offer the best tennis programs in Chennai for both young enthusiasts and professional athletes. Our academy provides tailor-made programs that emphasise fitness and sports skills through an innovative balanced curriculum.


Experience world-class table tennis coaching at the TVIS Racquet Sports Table Tennis Academy, the best sports academy in Chennai. Our knowledgeable and enthusiastic coaches have honed their skills both as players and instructors at the highest levels of the sport. With a focus on form, technique, and strategy, our personalized training plans are tailored to help you achieve your goals.

cricketAt Velammal TVIS Racquet Sports Academy, we take pride in our Badminton academy, which offers comprehensive training programs to help players of all levels improve their game. Our experienced coaches are dedicated to helping our students learn the fundamentals and perfect their techniques


The squash enthusiasts in Chennai, rejoice! TVIS Racquet Sports brings you the best sports academy in Chennai with a specialised focus on squash. Our state-of-the-art facilities and experienced coaches offer a high-performance environment for players of all ages and abilities to hone their skills and achieve their goals. 

Our Educational Infrastructure

Best school in chennai

Experience top-notch academic facilities at the best sports academy in Chennai! Our institution offers a futuristic and exceptional learning environment that will help you achieve your academic goals

Our Sports Infrastructure

Experience world-class sports infrastructure at Velammal TVIS RSA, the premier sports academy in Chennai. Our 6 sports programs offer students ample opportunities to develop their skills and achieve their sporting aspirations.

Velammal Sports Academy
Our 50-acre Residential Campus
Velammal TVIS RSA values student comfort and safety with separate air-conditioned accommodations for boys and girls, equipped with modern amenities, and expertly prepared, nutritious, and hygienic food.
Velammal Sports Academy

24hr Security

CCTV Cameras

Seperate Hostels to boys & girls

well Lit Rooms

Nutrition Food

Sports and Academics Hub

Velammal Sports Academy

Sports Training Centre

Velammal Sports Academy

Athlete Physiology

Velammal Sports Academy

Sports Nutrition Management

Velammal Sports Academy

Sports Dynamics

Velammal Sports Academy

Academic Understanding

Strive towards achieving your athletic goals.

Our Impact on Student's Journey

I never thought I could learn so much in such a short amount of time. The school is amazing and the academic teachers and sports coaches are great.

sai logi

The Velammal has a very supportive and friendly environment that makes learning and sporting culture for my child to shine in his academic career.

Dhanya Venugopal

I was a bit apprehensive about enrolling in a school like this, but it has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. I've learned so much and the teachers are great.


This sports cum education school has allowed me to explore my creativity and develop my both academic and sports skills in ways I never thought possible.

Chhaya Chathini

The school encourages my son to be the best he can be. We are confident that he is receiving an excellent education that will prepare him for success in the future.

Mirthula Parthasarathy

Are you ready to kickstart your child's academic and sports journey?


The Velammal TVIS RSA is Tamil Nadu’s 1st School for Sports & Academics. With a focus on skill- and interest-based education and an excellence-driven culture, we give students the tools and support they need to reach their greatest potential and assume leadership positions in their communities.
The academic program starts from Grades 5 to 11 (CBSE Board) whereas the sports programs are Tennis, Badminton, Table Tennis, Squash, Cricket, and Football.
Students from grade 5 and above can join The Velammal TVIS RSA
Academic hours start at 10 AM and end at 4 PM.
Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Sanskrit, Arabic, and French

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